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Welcome! My name is Peter and I am a scientific and technical illustrator from Ontario Canada. I'm currently completing my BA at Sheridan College.

I’m trying to find a simple Tadema painting to do a master study of. I’m also looking for the meaning of life, the ark of the covenant and chocolate that makes me skinny. I think I’m likely to find the latter three first. 

Admin Kin's mega inspiration blog masterpost


Hello friends! I have put together a collection of inspiration for you. These are all on Tumblr, and I tried to include only active blogs as well.

If you are interested in having another one of these masterposts, please send us a fanmail with links to your favorite inspiration…

Assignment from class. 

Escadia streets revisitedby TylerEdlinArt



Paintings by Bruce Holwerda


This is gold!

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Amazing illustrations by Shanghai, China based artist Zhang Weber.

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"The duel" [Artist: Gary/Jamga] (Cropped for visibility)


pizza wasn’t invented until the late 19th century so that means everyone in les mis died before they could try their first pizza and that’s why les mis is such an upsetting story

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